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Heat and Smoke Vent Door Comparison Chart


This comparison chart is to aid in cross referencing manufacturers' models.

  Size Babcock-Davis
Bilco Milcor Nystrom
Aluminum: 4'0" x 4'0" UL4848V4 B-SVA4848 DSH4848AA ULPA-4848 SVA4848
4'0" x 6'0" UL4872V4 B-SVA4872 DSH4872AA ULPA-4872 SVA4872
4'0" x 7'6" UL4890V4 B-SVA4890 DSH4890AA ULPA-4890 SVA4890
4'0" x 8'0" UL4896V4 B-SVA4896 DSH4896AA ULPA-4896 SVA4896
5'0" x 5'0" UL6060V4 B-SVA6060 DSH6060AA ULPA-6060 SVA6060
5'0" x 8'0" UL6096V4 B-SVA6096 DSH6096AA ULPA-6096 SVA6096
6'0" x 6'0" UL7272V4 B-SVA7272 DSJ7272AA ULPA-7272 SVA7272
4'0" x 4'0" UL4848V2 B-SVG4848 DSH4848 ULP-4848 SVG4848
4'0" x 6'0" UL4872V2 B-SVG4872 DSH4872 ULP-4872 SVG4872
4'0" x 7'6" UL4890V2 B-SVG4890 DSH4890 ULP-4890 SVG4890
4'0" x 8'0" UL4896V2 B-SVG4896 DSH4896 ULP-4896 SVG4896
5'0" x 5'0" UL6060V2 B-SVG6060 DSH6060 ULP-6060 SVG6060
5'0" x 8'0" UL6096V2 B-SVG6096 DSH6096 ULP-6096 SVG6096
6'0" x 6'0" UL7272V2 B-SVG7272 DSJ7272 ULP-7272 SVG7272

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