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Acoustical Smoke Vents

  C-NTAcoustical smoke vents aid firefighters in bringing a fire under control by removing smoke, heat and gasses from a burning building.  These acoustical smoke vents are designed to guard against noise disturbance and while providing the security of dependable automatic venting in the event of a fire.  The acoustical smoke vents have an STC-45 and OITC-37 sound rating and are ideal for concert halls, movie theaters, play house, churches, school auditoriums, and other applications.

These acoustical smoke vents innovative two-door construction offers many advantages over the conventional four-door design.  Designed for simplicity of installation, our smoke vent requires fewer field adjustments than a traditional four-door model.  The acoustical smoke vent can be connected to the building's life safety system.  After a fire drill, a person can safely close the two doors from the top of the smoke vent, or by using a 3-button control from as far away as the basement.  Once the alarm system has been tested, it is easy to reset the smoke vent over and over again.

Special acoustical smoke vents can be made with the STC-36 sound rating.


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